progeCAD 18.0.6 Update Released

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Released Update 18.0.6 for progeCAD 2018

progeCAD 2018 supports DWG 2018 and now sports Multileader as the new annotative object introduced with Update 18.0.6. And that’s just for a starter! progeCAD 2018 Update 18.0.6 with a few dozens of other fixes and improvements are awaiting your evaluation:

Enjoy the new powerful feature added with Update 18.0.6: MULTILEADER Create your leaders in progeCAD with a variety of arrows, segments and content, including text and blocks with attributes. Unlike progeCAD’s previous leader objects, MLEADER is a single object which is easy to adjust, also with GRIPS.

Some of the Update 18.0.6 fixes and enhancements

Added zero margins printing. Available through the Printer Configuration Manager > Modify standard Paper Sizes (Printable Area)
Implemented support for MultiLeader objects. Added MLEADER, MLEADEREDIT, MLEADERALIGN, MLEADERCOLLECT commands.
Implemented Object properties evaluation. Lists of the properties of a selected object available as fields.
Fixed the visualization issue occurred when dragging objects in editing commands (e.g. Move, Copy).
Fixed the lagging issue occurred with editing commands on large drawings (e.g. DELETE, TRIM).
Improved performance when copying a large number of objects.
Improved performance using blocks in REFEDIT/REFCLOSE.
Fixed some crashes and drawing exception errors occurred on opening
Improved performance using drawings with Xrefs
and a host of others…


The MultiLeader feature is instantly available in the Annotation menu for those who download and install the complete progeCAD 2018 software version. For Users updating their progeCAD 2018, the MLEADER feature is available only through the command line after software update. To make the MLEADER feature with its commands visible in the menu, you need to reset Menu and Toolbars by going to progeCAD Center – > Settings -> Repair after updating your progeCAD 2018.

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