About Us

About Us

progeCAD is dedicated to providing engineers, architects, designers, and other creative professionals with the tools they need to design the world’s greatest products. Before progeCAD, the industry was starved for a quality alternative to AutoCAD that was both comprehensive and offered at a fair price.

Founded in 1985, progeCAD spent its early years working on the development of vertical applications for the industrial environment. However, in 1999 progeCAD proudly co-founded the Intellicad Technology Consortium (“ITC”). This nonprofit group of software developers created the IntelliCAD platform, which co-op members can freely build on.

To this day, progeCAD offers a native DWG 2D/3D CAD, supplied with applications, libraries and Services. The IntelliCAD engine, which is based on the Theiga library from the Open Design Alliance reads and writes the “.dwg” data format. It has a familiar interface, the features of the top priced CAD software, and many of its own features as well, all at a remarkably low cost.


We serve our customers’ needs through products, services and solutions that deliver long-term benefits
and meet the highest standards of quality, reliability and flexibility. We reinforce our customers competitive strength through integrated solutions. progeCAD is a reliable and fully legal alternative to AutoCAD®


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