Drawing Bicycles From Memory

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I am a Biker. Not the leather bound, skull cap riding rambling gunslinger type of Biker, the more laid back, relaxation inducing, long, monotonous, pedaling variety of Biker. I ride almost daily, putting in anywhere from 10 to 35 miles. You could say I am kind of "into it".

So when I came across this arcticle showing how people were asked to remember and sketch a bicycle I was intrigued. This article shows how misguided our efforts can be when trying to remember technical and engineering details necessary to construct much of our world when working from our memories alone.

Some of these designs are pretty remarkable when seen rendered in a real life representation of the artists interpretation of a bicycle.

Take a look here: http://twistedsifter.com/2016/04/artist-asks-people-to-draw-bicycle-from-memory-and-renders-results/

and then add your comments below on these incredible designs!

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