Autodesk Executive Management Losers Once Again

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As many of you may know Autodesk and the simple minds that run that company have been for ages pushing people around and making sure that no one steps out of line, including their customers. They have spent the better part of 20 years lying, cheating, manipulating, and trying their very best to insure that no one can possibly be …

Industry mention of progeCAD 2010 Professional!

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Industry Factory Automation, mentioned the release of the new progeCAD 2010 Professional. Looks like this blog is packed full of news stories. Perhaps a good place to do some research on current trends in factory automation… Free 30-day trial of progeCAD 2009 Professional: Click Here to download… Full Free 30-day trial of progeCAD Professional, the Proven Replacement for AutoCAD … Releases ProgeCAM, Linking Design with CNC Machining

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Image via Wikipedia (, in co-operation with progeSOFT North America, announces the release of ProgeCAM, CNC Machining Software linked to progeCAD Professional providing seamless “Art to Part” manufacturing life cycle. is offering a free evaluation download of ProgeCAM 2009 running in combination with ProgeCAD 2009 Professional, available without registration on our website. progeCAM, includes both progeCAD Professional, the …