Autodesk Executive Management Losers Once Again

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As many of you may know Autodesk and the simple minds that run that company have been for ages pushing people around and making sure that no one steps out of line, including their customers. They have spent the better part of 20 years lying, cheating, manipulating, and trying their very best to insure that no one can possibly be able to edit the millions upon millions of DWG format drawings out there.

This causes customers to have to go to Autodesk to get the tools they use to edit drawings. Until about 10 years ago when the ODA and the ITC were formed (Open Design Alliance and IntelliCAD Technology Consortium respectively). These NON-PROFIT organizations were created with one purpose, that was to give the person who had to read and write the DWG format a choice in the tools they wanted to use to edit these files.

That meant that Autodesk could no longer raise prices on a whim, could no longer force people they didnt like to go out of business or force them to follow along in step with everyone else. So what did the brilliant Execs at Autodesk do, they went crying to their mommies (lawyers) and began a series of lawsuits which did what? Made the lawyers rich, wasted money, and kept those involved with using the tools to edit DWG back twenty years behind where they could be today.

So, recently the ODA settled with Autodesk who claims DWG as a trademark. Autodesk doesnt have a trademark on DWG, they just claim to have one. Thats what we learned in grade school was called LYING. The ODA did this because they are not a billion dollar a year company (although many of their members are) and they knew that Autodesk didn’t have a chance to trademark the DWG moniker because so many had gone before and used it.

So it comes out today, in WorldCAD Access, by the fine Mr. Ralph Grabowski, that Autodesk, as anticipated, simply lost a shitload of money for their stockholders and didnt get anything from the sane people at the trademark office. Please refer to his excellent post on the article at WorldCAD Access

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