Mechanical Engineering Courses Offered Free by MIT

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Recently we came across a page which offers free courseware for Mechanical Engineering. MIT Open Courseware offers learning opportunities for brushing up your skills, or learning new skills in Mechanical Engineering. Some of the courses offered are as follows:

Numerical Fluid Dynamics
Introduction to Manufacturing Systems
Analysis and Design of Feedback Control Systems
Biomolecular Feedback Systems
Numerical Computation for Mechanical Engineers

Each of these courses along with MANY others are offered free of charge, including online textbooks, assignments, and quizzes.

We think this site has much more to offer those involved with Mechanical and Manufacturing.

Seems like a good combination using progeCAD to help learn new skills, including designing with solids, surfaces, with an industry standard user interface, all for a fraction of the price of our competition.

For more information or to sample some of the classes they offer please migrate to the following link:

To give the progeCAD software a try, download our free trial at



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