progeCAD – a universal solution used by 350,000 worldwide

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progeCAD was made stir the pot. We do not hide the fact that we imitate AutoCAD at a much lower price, and without a subscription. Lately though, people have been seeing it for themselves. So much so, CAMTIC Institute of Technology has signed a memorandum of understanding, forming a professional partnership. We are so honored to be featured as a leading CAD product at CAMTIC. You can see the full article below, and as always, you can download your FREE TRIAL HERE.

July 18, 2017 by ProgeSOFT
Conclusion of the MOU with the CAMTIC Advanced Mechatronics Technology Institute for Mutual Collaboration of Plainsoft

“progeCAD” a universal solution used by 350,000 users worldwide,

Computer-aided design While most people are using CAD, progeCAD has recently emerged as a replacement for AutoCAD®. In this regard, Plainsoft, a Korean distributor of progeCAD, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for mutual cooperation with the CAMTIC Institute of Technology.

progeCAD is a universal solution developed by ProgeSOFT, currently used by over 350,000 users worldwide. progeCAD with dynamic input and command autocomplete is stable with AutoCAD® & progeCAD 2D/3D pan, zoom performance test. In addition, it is possible to create a block list related part list by using data extraction and convert PDF file to DWG file.

Even those who have used AutoCAD® can easily use progeCAD which is eye-catching. You can load the reusable file that was used in AutoCAD®, so you can use progeCAD CAD easily even if you are a user familiar with AutoCAD®. You can design 3D architecture with one click by supporting various architectural.

PlainSoft, a Korean distributor of progeCAD, will share and educate progeCAD infrastructure through this business agreement with the CAMTIC Advanced Mechatronics Technology Institute.

progeCAD 2018 is as good as AutoCAD® 2018, and unlike AutoCAD®, which has a rental license, it is a perpetual license and can be used for about 1/7 of AutoCAD in 5 years. pay attention.

“We will have an opportunity for many people to use progeCAD more easily, starting with the MOU,” an official from Plainsoft said.

Meanwhile, the CAMTIC Advanced Mechatronics Technology Institute, established in 1999, focuses on the three main functions of research and business development, engineering, and education and training, focusing on smart factories, drone, aerospace, Training, and job creation.

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