progeCAD overview – take a look at what we can do!!

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Here at progeCAD we think everyone should utilize our free 30 day trial. You are able to use the product without any restrictions, without being ‘locked out’ of features, and you can keep the work you start when and if you decide to purchase.

However, some people just aren’t sure if they are ready to toy around with the program. We also hear from users who don’t want to download a software if they haven’t seen it in action. progeCAD is happy to bring you a series of videos on features, common uses, and basic tutorials. The first video is a brief overview of our software. It is chock-full of the common, everyday uses our clients utilize and rave about. How close is the interface to AutoCAD? How comparable are the fonts? What about rendering, is it actually simple to implement while being ‘artisan’. Check it out for yourself, we are confident you will be impressed.

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