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Have you met progeCAD 2018?

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We are a few weeks in to the latest release of progeCAD Professional and couldn’t be happier with the response. Our clients have been overwhelmingly satisfied with the artisan rendering, as well as the ease of transferring their work and downloading the new software.
You will also find:

ESRI Shape import (.shp)
Improved PointCloud import with .las, .xyz and .ply
New Array interface
Fade control for XREFs, locked layers, Refedit
New Refedit interface
Isolate and Hide entities tool
Maximize Viewports: work easily on Layout Viewports
Default Layers for Hatches and Dimensions
Support for the HPLAYER and HPTRANSPARENCY variables
Perspective Correction Tool for images
iMatch: image stretching to adapt to real world dimensions on drawings

Check out the video below to see the new features in action! And as always, our 30 day trial is always free, click here to download

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Our pricing has stayed the same, as we strive to be an option for every company, artist, and hobby designer.

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