Is progeCAD a competitive CAD software?

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I answer our ‘contact us’ submissions, and a lot of times companies are asking for quotes, asking specific questions, or want to speak on the phone to a human to confirm that we are indeed a real company.  More often than not though, there is a one liner from the other end asking ‘does progeCAD compare to AutoCAD’ usually (because it’s the industry we sell to the most), the client is comparing to AutoCAD Civil3D, but, we get all the variations.  To be honest, I haven’t made a comparison chart for anything but AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT – which I will throw down below.  I should, I know – I will put that on my to do list.

Let me answer the question here for you now, and give users the opportunity to answer below in the comments! As far as AutoCAD Civil3D – YES, we compare, in fact, clients can also import Google Earth with our progeEARTH plug-in – and MAN, that is awesome!! But, and you’re hearing it from the source, progeCAD is NOT as sophisticated in that you have to rerun the routines, it is not automated.  It is a task that only takes minutes, and many have thought worthwhile for the financial benefit, but again, it is something that progeCAD lacks.

Let’s talk AutoCAD VS progeCAD straight up.  Can we render?  Yes.  progeCAD DOES render.  There is a nasty rumor going around that we do not – but we have a beautiful, free plug in called EasyArch that has thousands of blocks, and does a great job rendering.  We can import from AutoCAD, we can export to AutoCAD (if you click away all those pesky warning buttons – don’t worry, your computer won’t explode), and yes, we basically look and act like a clone (thank you IntelliCAD).  See our comparison chart below and if you are a user and have felt the pains of a jerky cursor or an obnoxious tool, let us know.  I’ll be honest – I don’t live in progeCAD – I want to hear your thoughts!

OF COURSE – download your free trial here.progecadvsautocad

progecad vs autocad

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