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Today I wanted to share a list of some great resources progeCAD has made available. In the next couple of months I am going to be remaking a lot of the 2D and 3D videos out there, so if there is anything you are troubleshooting, or a video you would like completed first, leave it in the comments ūüėÄ

Hi guys, welcome to progeCAD, my names Melissa and I am here today to tell you about some excellent ways you can get a jump on your understanding and use of the progeCAD professional CAD software.  Over the next few minutes I am going to share a well of online resources you can use to learn how to utilize our software, all at no cost to you.  After the webinar we can also send you this list of online resources by e-mail, so you can have this list at your fingertips, when you need them.

  • The first resource, and the best place to start is the PDF tutorial we offer called Inside progeCAD: A tutorial for new users . This tutorial will share information about progeCAD, such as how progeCAD differs from autoCAD, here’s a hint *besides a few features, it’s not very different at all.¬† And it also discusses a bit about where progeCAD comes from and how the intelliCAD Technology Consortium fits in to the grand scheme of things.¬† It also takes you through a typical project with step by step instructions.¬† The main link for this is right over here . This will not only provide you with the mentioned tutorial, but will also provide you with links to other resources we are about to mention.¬† There are actually two different books you can download on this page, but the second one, called Tailoring progeCAD, can be saved for learning after you have fully digested the information provided here.
  • Now, along with the tutorial books, we also provide links to a professional video learning series.¬† ¬†these 2D videos provided by World Class CAD¬†, a college training course¬†company, are short, each lasting under 5 minutes, and they demonstrate the steps needed to complete a typical 2D mechanical project.¬† This is pertinent to all, when learning this complete CAD system.¬† So, migrate to the following URL¬†to take advantage of the 2d video learning series.¬† At the same link will be a series on learning how to manipulate your model into a 3D model. This series will teach you how to move through 3 dimensional space and manipulate surfaces and solids to create realistic designs that can be fully documented using the tools built in to progeCAD.
  • progeCAD provides a free plugin for architecture called EasyArch¬†.¬† The EasyArch plugin offer you architectural primitives such as; walls, doors, and windows.¬† You can quickly document your designs, using¬†a variety of architectural objects, experiment with various types of windows and doors, even represent your design in 3D using progeCADs rendering engine to present photo-realistic renderings of your project.
  • Now, we also provide a number of videos showing various features of progeCAD, such as importing PDF or converting raster to vector.¬† This can all be found on our YouTube page¬†.¬† To experience some of the various, exclusive features of progeCAD, we recommend taking the time to watch many of the videos on this channel.
  • Then there’s our Blog¬†, from time to time we feature detailed explanations on CAD concepts and techniques.


And then because progeCAD is so close in usage to the industry leading CAD software, AutoCAD, one can actually find the more prevalent training resources and use interchangeably to learn our product.   So you can use other;

  • CAD courses and books
  • AutoCAD authorized training centers
  • tutorial books FOR autoCAD

We hope that this list of resources will be helpful in your quest to learn computer aided design, and specifically our CAD system, progeCAD professional.  Thank you for joining us, have a great day.

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