Revenge Tastes oh so Sweet, Unless it Tastes Like Sour Grapes…

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A recent story, as reported by many CAD journalists, one of which I will paraphrase here…

The story is that recently the Open Design Alliance (ODA) Associate Membership was changed from a Free Membership to $100 dollars a year. Mr. Yares is making big noises about sueing the ODA for this change in the legal agreement.

We should air out some facts about this situation before we start slapping Mr. Yares on the back for what a great protector of the little guy he is appearing to look like. As some of you may know, Evan Yares was dismissed from the Open Drawing Alliance in October of 2006 under some very, shall we say, shady set of circumstances. While it was never proven that Mr. Yares did anything illegal, you do have to wonder how a person in charge of running a company that is not by any standards very large, can lose track of that much money without having a clue it was missing.

Here is a quote from an article published in AECNEWS.COM in 2006…

“Rumors have been circulating for months about internal problems within the Alliance. AECnews can confirm that an embezzlement investigation involving ODA funds is underway, and that Yares is not considered a suspect. The amount of money at issue is over $500,000. There is also concern within the ODA board regarding Yares’s business relationships beyond the ODA, which sources say represent a potential conflict of interest. When asked about this, Yares had no comment. Yares was asked to step aside recently in an icy conference call meeting of the Alliance board to which Yares was reportedly flanked by a parliamentary procedure expert and a lawyer.”

story at

So the altruism of Evan’s little foray into trying to save the little guy, defend the week, and battle for the truth and the American way is very suspect. Who knows, perhaps he really is all about the principle of the issue. Perhaps he feels like his legacy is being ruined by those running things now…

To me however, it seems Anger has taken ahold and is steering the auto right down the sidewalk of the ODA a

Image of Randall Newton from TwitterImage of Randall Newton

nd perhaps is about to run over Mr. Yares who will never see it coming.

Stay tuned to Randall Newton in the coming days as he has an interview with Mr. Yares about this matter. That should be interesting!

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