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After about 5 months of dedicated effort by our team and the folks from both progeSOFT s.a.s. and upFront.eZine Publishing we not only have great news to share about freebies, but also have been honored by Ralph Grabowski with his use of progeCAD 2009 Professional as the software used to write the books!

It all began with an offhand comment made I made about Ralph perhaps considering using progeCAD for the books this year. I really did not think anything would come of it when Ralph responded, “thats a good idea“. Next thing you know we are supplying him with software to use, and after a short period, in negotiations with progeSOFT to purchase the books for worldwide distribution…

So 5 months later, a lot of back and forth, a lot of editing by all sides, suggestions for improvement, push and shove and ups and downs we are done and the books are available.

Visit and download your free copy of Inside progeCAD 2009, a Tutorial for New Users, and/or Tailoring progeCAD 2009, a Guide for Customization. Each book can be downloaded free of charge or obligation and progeSOFT will be including the books in their software in the near future!

Free 30-day trial of progeCAD 2009 Professional: Click Here to download…

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