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A recent story in the Taking Stock section of the Wassau Daily Herald…

Becher-Hoppe Associates employees Mark Pertile, Matt Graun, Daryl Peterson, Lawrence Kempe, Todd Mrochek, Nick Golla, Steve Opatik, Morgan Davis and Archie Becher recently received advanced training on the computer aided design drafting software AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009, developed by Autodesk. Training included AutoCad Map for civil engineers, which involves receiving, editing, reviewing and sending GIS information; advanced roadway design using generic subassemblies, transitions, grading and feature lines; and pipe networks, data shortcuts and 3D modeling. Becher-Hoppe of Wausau is a consulting firm of engineers and architects.

While I can certainly appreciate the effort to learn the Civil Design software from Autodesk, perhaps I can mention that the money the firm spent on the software alone would have probably hired an additional 2 employees, and an alternative, progeCAD 2009 Professional running with progeEARTH Civil Survey CAD Software, could be acquired for about 1/8th the cost. With everyone concerned with stable employment, offering jobs rather than purchasing over priced software would have been a more responsible choice for the management at this company. progeCAD, an AutoCAD Clone, offers DWG, the same file format AutoCAD uses, the same menus and commands, all without a learning curve for AutoCAD users. progeEARTH, Civil Survey software, running on progeCAD is about 1/8th the price, and offers COGO, DTM, road design, all with the sam

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e procedures you are used to. Help us save jobs, come to and download your Full FREE 30 day trial of progeCAD and progeEARTH and see how you can get the same functionality as AutoCAD for 1/10th the price, and the same abilities as Civil 3D for 1/8th the cost.

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