progeTABLE,The First Module of the progeOFFICE Series, Has Been Released

progeCAD IntelliCAD AutoCAD, IntelliCAD, microsoft excel, microsoft office, progeCAD, progetable Leave a Comment announced today the release of the first of a series of modules in the progeOFFICE line, tailored to link progeCAD 2009 Professional with Microsoft Office applications

progeTABLE uses Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to create tables within progeCAD, allowing a designer to import a spreadsheet into progeCAD as a table within the drawing. The data within the table can then be edited in either progeCAD 2009 Professional, or within Microsoft Excel. The information is automatically synced keeping both the table in the drawing and the spreadsheet up to date with the latest information.

Some features of progeTABLE include:

  • import progeTABLE border/text on specified progeCAD layers.

  • Full control of font type/style/size/color in progeCAD/Excel.

  • Support for Border style (double-line, dashed line, diagonal, etc)

  • Vertical/Wrap text, merged cells, center across selection.

  • All elements of the imported table are progeCAD Entities.

progeTABLE is Ideal for:

  • Panel Schedules

  • Equipment Schedules

  • Room Finish Schedules

  • Door and Window Schedules

  • Bills of Materials (BOM)

  • Parts lists

  • Notes

The progeOFFICE line of products will eventually include three additional solutions. progeWORD for Microsoft Word, progeDATABASE for Microsoft Access, and progeFIELD for linking Excel spreadsheet fields to text or dimensions, will be geared towards ensuring bi-directional data integrity between progeCAD and Microsoft Office.

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