1/10th the Price? or “David and Goliath”

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Hey, we admit it, we are a part of something very different compared to the rest of the corporate software developers in the world. Autodesk probably spends more on coffee for their various employees that we spend an entire year for marketing. BUT, the word is out. People are telling other people, and someday, critical mass and the kind of respect we deserve.

You see, our software is built on top of a CAD engine that anyone can utilize to create their own CAD program, specialized or generalized, vertical or not. As long as you pay the license fee and agree to cooperatively develop the software you can roll. It is quite different than spending 75% of your gross income on advertising so you can make your number and please a bunch of fat, balding men with questionable ethics you have never met who happened to put enough money into your company that they can tell you what to do even though they dont know a thing about your market, products, employees, or more importantly, you, as a human. Yeah, we are very different.

I am progeCAD, AutoCAD Clone, and I am a CAD program…

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