Using progeEARTH Land Development Suite

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The progeEARTH software add-on for progeCAD Professional is designed to allow Surveyors, Civil Engineers, and Land Developers to easily lay out parcels, design the land, and ultimately depict the path forward for building or modifying the land for development or ecology.

The software consists of three modules, which are sold separately, or as the progeEARTH Land Development Suite. These modules are as CoGo, or Coordinate Geometry, DTM, or Digital Terrain Modeling, and Simple Corridor Design. To use DTM requires the CoGo module, and likewise with Simple Corridor Design, both CoGo and DTM are required. Each modules features, function, and pricing can be found on this website, in the tabs at

Learning to use progeEARTH, especially with those unfamiliar with Industry terms, can be challenging so we present the videos below to help you decipher and master using progeEARTH...

CoGo Module

Import Points

Label Lines

Digital Terrain Modeling

Creating Surface Models

Creating Cut Profiles

Simple Road Design

Proposed Profiles

Existing Cross Sections

Define Corridor Template

Define Ditches and Slopes

Proposed Cross Sections

We hope these videos edge you need to get up to speed on this fantastic Survey, Civil Engineering and Land Development tool!

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