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Portland, OR – February 8, 2017.  progeCAD US – A leading low cost CAD software company that competes with AutoCAD, announced the launch of its newly redesigned website. 

“Our main goal with the redesign was to get back to the roots of our mission statement and open up communication with our clients” says Melissa Peake, progeCAD sales manager.  “We want our site to be clear that our products are designed as an alternative to an expensive software that can be prohibitive towards companies and entrepreneurs.  We have immediate plans to add education, tutorials, and our free school/student site licensing to the website.  The redesign was just step one”. 

This new website offers an effortless interface to access essential information and features that offers a more comprehensive understanding of the Company’s innovative CAD products and add ons. The site has an exhaustive FAQ page, as well as multiple support and help options.  progeCAD US plans on implementing no-cost CAD tutorials on a rolling basis – they will be featured on the website

progeCADs new site will be updated regularly with new tutorials, product information and releases, as well as industry related blog posts.  You can visit the new website at  If you are interested in a free CAD license for your school or university you can contact  


We are so thrilled to be going on this wild ride, and even happier to have such a great customer base with us. It is so refreshing to chat with all of you by email and phone every day, and know how passionate you are about CAD, design, and… stickin’ it to the man 😉

Thanks for sticking by us, believing in us, and letting us know when you have an issue so we can be the first to take care of it.

You can also find our press release published, over at

Have a great night!

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