USPTO Says to Autodesk: DWG not only for Thee…

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So, as an Autodesk stockholder you are by now used to the company using their billions of dollars of income to legally pick on others and to attempt to corner the market through legally snowballing anyone who dares get in their way.

With the new “A corporation has the same voice as a human” supreme court flub where they dropped the regulatory ball and showed the american public just how corrupted our government has become by ruling the corporations of the world had as much right to dump unrestricted money (bribes) into the hands of our
“best and brightest” and most easily swayed legislators to help them get “re-elected” in return for “political favors”, as an individual american citizen’s rights, it was a surprising development to see that the USPTO, short for the United States Patent and Trademark Office, rebuffed yet another attempt by the Sausalito Sandbaggers (Autodesk) to confiscate yet another all encompassing trademark, the file extension DWG.

That run-on sentence was intended specifically to show the length of time that the corporation has been using their thug lawyers to drown out the efforts of the masses to throw off the tyranny of the oppressed. 

According to Ralph over at WorldCAD Access (, the issue has a ruling, but is still not over.

DWG is merely descriptive of applicant’s goods under Section 2(e)(1) of the Trademark Act for two reasons: (1) DWG is a recognized abbreviation for “drawing,” and (2) .dwg is a file format used for computer-aided design (CAD) drawings made both with applicant’s CAD software and others’ CAD software.

The legal issue that takes a licking but keeps on ticking is still up for one more college try by LegalDesk as noted below:

Now, Autodesk does have six months to respond in a way that fully satisfies the problems addressed in last month’s decision. Otherwise, the decision is FINAL.

Among the noted uses of DWG in everyday use was one particular interesting acronym, “Dead White Guy” which will be what most likely happens to us before the perpetual corporation is finished killing a particular horse that refuses to kick the bucket.

At least they are persistent. How do you feel about the company everyone loves to hate being involved with one more legal issue, let us know in the comments below…
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