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So, I am somewhat of a visionary! Am too. I have been pushing AutoCAD for Mac (and AutoCAD for Linux for that matter) for quite a few years now. Autodesk never complained about it either, they enjoyed those checks rolling in with new customers who ran AutoCAD under Windows under Parallels under Mac OS X (cmon, keep up will ya?). That is until they decided they were going to sell a REAL Mac version. You’d think they’d have an exec call me up and thank me for the years of service in promoting to the forgotten the only available solution to get their boat anchor of a CAD system running on the sleek powerful Mac. Did they? NOPE. I got a nasty letter from a lawyer today telling me that I was, in my attempt to promote their software to Mac users, infringing on their trademark. I got a kick out of how all of a sudden all those other folks out there that are in hot water with the Autodesk Legal Team (the ALT of control alt delete), would be forgotten for little ole me. Now, if your not a conspiracy theorist you may just want to skip to the end, grab the download and be one your way, but two days before Autodesk’s big announcement, which they threw together due to Graebert’s big announcement, my traffic was like the ocean shore before a tsunami. all the water gone, suck out to sea, the land looking bare and lonely without water (that fish flopping over there looks rather funny). But the great wave never came back. My traffic dropped to like 1/10th of normal and has not returned. Do no evil Google says, and then when their evil cousin the ALT calls they jump into action… sound far fetched? well a little, or is it…

I just wanted to do a quick memorial to my Grandmother Alma Frank, age 97 years old, who passed away last Friday. I will miss her but am so glad she is not suffering anymore. What a wonderful lass and the coolest grandmotherand grandson could ever ask for! Thanks for listenting, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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