progeSOFT Bats 1000 with latest release!

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Early reports from users who have copies of progeCAD 2010 Professional indicate a home run by progeSOFT with this latest release. Besides users being very pleased with reliability, they have also mentioned the appreciation for the increases in speed not only when using commands inside the IntelliCAD based progeCAD, but also while saving their drawings, which was, in some cases, extremely frustrating with earlier releases of the software.

It seems progeSOFT must have talked extensively with their customers, or at least listened when they talked to them… Several items which were non existent in the product before now have been included in progeCAD 2010 which coincide with items we had heard customers request in the past.

Probably the number one request was for irregular viewports inside Paper Space layouts. progeCAD now has the ability to create non rectangular viewports in paper space. Gradient hatching was delivered, but more importantly, the development of which allowed gradient hatches to be delivered, is grayscale printing and screening while printing. This is a feature that many printers have supported for several years but progeCAD did not provide. Now the output coming from design groups can have some fantastic looking walls, and more than that, they will be able to communicate design intent…

“The Network version of progeCAD 2010 Professional features a new network license manager (NLM) which allows users to check out their licenses and take them with them keeping the software available to them until they return and release the license back to the NLM. This allows users to travel to and from work sites without losing the function of their network licenses while on the trip.”

This was also asked about often. While progeCAD could allow a user to “take” his work home, the user had to be connected to the internet and have a constant connection communicating with the license server. Now a user can take his license with him to the job site, home over night to finish that project that is overdue, or even on his annual vacation to tibbuktu!.

These are just a few of the new items but with these additions it is clear progeSOFT not only made some fantastic improvement, but even more important, the LISTENED to their customers. It seems progeSOFT has a winner on their hands, and not only hit a home run with this one, but hit it clean out of the park. Way to go COMO!

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