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progeCAD IntelliCAD Application Programming Interface, Applications, AutoCAD, AutoLISP, CAD and CAM, Computer-aided design, DWG, Microsoft, World Wide Web Leave a Comment ( announced today the release of their lower cost alternative for editing AutoCAD 2009 and earlier version drawings. progeCAD 2009 Standard progeCAD offers native DWG editing and most commands found in the full version of AutoCAD, including their own AutoLISP interpreter, missing in AutoCAD LT.

progeCAD 2009 Standard natively reads and writes DWG 2009 drawings allowing designers to lower their CAD software and training budget while still supporting the processes they are currently using. CAD users can open the same drawings, run the same menus and commands, and get off the ground running by utilizing the compatibility of progeCAD 2009 Standard, retail price $299 USD, about one quarter the price of AutoCAD LT, and 1/10th the price of AutoCAD.

progeCAD 2009 Standard just offers more for less. In a straight head to head comparison between progeCAD and AutoCAD LT, many powerful routines that will increase productivity and quality of your design drawings are missing from the higher cost AutoCAD LT, yet come with the more capable progeCAD Standard. Features such as rendering, visual menu customization, ActiveX, including in-place editing of embedded objects, a script recorder, the Solutions Development System (SDS), a C++ Application Programming Interface, and AutoLISP, allowing you to run literally thousands of different automation routines easily located on the World Wide Web for now or very low cost.

progeCAD 2009 Standard has an interface closely matching what AutoCAD designers are used to using. An “AutoCAD like” icon and text menu, UCS for working in 3D, layouts to easily visualize what your model will look like on paper, even the layout of toolbars and the command line are designed to minimize the impact of migrating to a new CAD system. Those that have used AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT before should have little or no learning curve with progeCAD 2009.

progeCAD also comes in a Professional version including such features as photo realistic rendering, ACIS 3d Solids, Raster Vector Hybrid Editing, VBA, over 11,000 blocks organized by a customizable block manager, Google Earth Import and Export, and other important features. (, the largest progeCAD reseller worldwide, offers progeCAD Professional shipping with several different options including NLM Network, USB Mobile, and affordable Site Licensing. For a lower cost solution look to progeCAD Standard, a solution offering AutoCAD type drafting and design for 1/4 the cost of AutoCAD LT. also offers progeADD-ons, solutions for industry specific design tasks, running on progeCAD. The progeAPP products include ProgeEARTH for Surveyors and Civil Engineers, progeCAM for true “Art to Part” machining, and the progeOFFICE series, bi-directionally linking progeCAD objects to Microsoft office applications. Download the Free Full 30 day trial versions of each product at with no obligation or registration required.

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